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October 2020
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ResearcherID: C-1910-2017 

Scopus Author ID: 57195950808 

In 2004 graduated Bukovinian State Medical Academy with honors.

Internship and Master Degree in Medicine (2004-2005) for the qualification scientific work «Comparative study of efficacy of application of interferons inductors, laferon inhalations and vaccinoprophylaxis for prevention of influenza».

2007 for the thesis as «Microbiocenosis of large intestine cavity in patients with influenza» got Doctor of philosophy scientific degree.

In 2011 –was awarded by AAF/OMI organization for clinical observership in Department of Infectious diseases and tropical medicine in Vienna Central University Hospital (Allgeinmeines Krankenhaus), mentor – Head of dept., prof. Dr. W.Graninger, Austria.

Grants from: Austrian American Foundation for Salzburg Medical seminars in Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS (2007, 2011); European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (2007 – Oxford Summer allergy school, research group – infections and allergy; 2010 – XXI Congress of EAACI, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain); Leiden Medical University, LIMSC, Netherlands (2011).

Patient-focused physician with 14 years of experience in treatment-and-consultation work of infectious diseases;

2016 - got the Highest Qualification Category in the specialty of Infectious Diseases

2016 – regional coordinator of post-graduate education within collaboration between Ministry of Health of Ukraine (UA) and British Medical Association (BMA, UK) by the granted support of DTRA, USA.

2017 – academic status «Associate professor»

2018 – scientific research «Cohort retrospective study of HIV-infection/AIDS in Western Ukrainian population at Bukovyna for the period from 2017 to 2018» was awarded a mentorship by Dr. Karen Saylors (PREDICT, PEPFAR, Metabiota, USA).

Research and clinical interests - prediction, prevention and optimization of treatment of the most communicable infectious diseases, focused mainly on problems of influenza, COVID-19 and HIV-infection.

Participant of Ukrainian and international symposia, congresses, conferences in Ukraine and abroad.

Author and co-author above 150 scientific papers, including co-authorship in the national guide on “Tropical Infections” (2020), three monographs, twelve textbooks, two declaratory patents for utility models, twelve innovation proposals.

Fluent in English, Cambridge English Language Assessment FCE 0057081806 certificate dated 18/04/2017.


2007- Alumni of AAF, Vienna, Austria

2010 - European Respiratory Society, Lausanne, Switzerland

2018 - International Society for Infectious diseases, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

2019 – British Infection Association, Associated Membership, London, UK

2020 – APAN (All Partners Access Network), USA.


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